How To Pick The Right Heels: Which Heels Are Best For Me?

How To Pick The Right Heels: Which Heels Are Best For Me?


Many of us have childhood memories of trying on mum’s shoes and curling around in front of the mirror, makeup on, pretending to be all grown up. As we grew older, we were permitted to discover our own sense of style, purchasing our own heels was serious business. But that does not mean we always got it right…

In this article we are going to take a look on how to wear heels comfortably and what the best choices are for young adults and teens, what you need to consider when selecting heels for a prom or wedding and how to select the right heels for work. So, let’s start from the very beginning…


Heels for Beginners

Whatever it might be, we all have to start somewhere, and at some point in our lives we will always be a beginner and walking in heels is no exemption to that rule. Walking in heels for some people can be straight away and can also be a bit more of a learning curve for others.

The best method to work out which heel height is suitable for you is to sit with your leg parallel so your ankle and foot can move easily. Put your foot at ease and you will discover that your toes will naturally point (to some degree, everybody differs). Working on a right angle, take measurement from the heel down to where the ball of the foot sits naturally, this will give you the best heel height for your feet. Selecting a heel height that is right for you will remove the need to over stretch the muscles in your ankles and feet when walking.

Heels for Work

You have to consider what is fitting. When picking heels for work. A very high pair of glittery platform stilettos perhaps won’t be seen as a professional choice of footwear, but a simple pair of mid height court shoes will match the setting that you’re in. It’s also vital to consider the color of the heels you go for, solitary colors such as navy and black are formal and also versatile and can be combined with a number of clothes without clashing. Except you are in a work setting that embraces it, avoid bright colored or multicolored heels as these can take the attention away from you and what you’re trying to express.



Heels for a Wedding or Prom

Selecting the right heals for a prom or wedding can be quite complicated. You don’t only want them to be comfortable for lengthy periods of wear, but you also need them to be glam and elegant. Peep toe heeled shoes could be a better choice for you, if you are not fully comfortable with wearing heels that only have straps supporting your toes. Peep toe heeled shoes provide more support across the whole foot but still enhance a touch of vintage glamour to your dress.





Picking what heels are right for you can be quite perplexing. Deciding to follow your heart and the sweet pair of skyscrapers you came across may not be the most useful option, but then,allowing your head rule may leave you underwhelmed when those useful but less elegant heels don’t quite do it for you. Getting the right size with heels is the key to success, fit and confirming they provide the right support without trying to go for those killer heels before you’re ready.