The G-Heel Celebrity Love so Much; How it was Made by Giuseppe Zanotti

The G-Heel Celebrity Love so Much; How it was Made by Giuseppe Zanotti


Zanotti’s newheels which will be made in only green, silver, red and black reflective metallic leathers is named the G-Heel and is inspired by the ’90s.Giuseppe Zanotti’sfashion collection for this year’s spring is simply all about this G-Heel. Celebrities are all over this amazing design as it displays the signature initials of the brand in the form of a beautifully carved stiletto.

Celebrities like Hong Chau, Dakota Fanning and Heidi Klum have been rocking this design which hasn’t been released for public sale.

According to Zanotti, he has continuously found a way to make his shoes designs unique and one way he has accomplished this is via extensive research when crafting and designing the perfect heel.

It isn’t easy to design the perfect heel!

First, Zanotti has to sketch ideas using watercolor. Then, the designer approves one of the several 3-D prototypes that will be made. Once final approval is done, process of production is mapped out in order to ensure that a wearable design is produced.

The leather for every G-Heel is then hand-cut to accurately match the construction. After this, a special steel machine is used to trace out the stiletto’s curve so as to stabilize and anchor the shoe. The final stage is for an adept craftsman to check the shoe for any minor flaws, whether in the form or the leather. Any flaw is flagged before the shoe is moved to retail.